IQH Investment, IQ holdings

Purpose of this Note is to Notify the public to have more information before making such decisions, I wish there was 1 or 2 lines of a blog post when I searched for IQH on Google. there was nothing negative, nor positive and I had to go ahead and make a risky choice, you might not make that choice when you have good information from the End user’s side

I was Lured in a FAKE investment Fraud and I LOST MY MONEY to

IQ International Holding


Balboa Ave, 41 St Street East
Bella Vista, World Group Bldg.

Panama City, Panama


Please Share your Though or Experiences in regards with IQH or other Finance companies

IQH International Called me numerous times about a very good change to make a lot of money of of just a little bit.

Brokers Kept Calling me Explaining mostly about two subject in the market: Heating Oil and GOLD.

The Explained that the Market is going to make a move up since it is a Seasonal Trade for Heating Oil, and For gold, since well, Gold is just6 going Up.

Anyway I was persuaded to Invest with them, under Promises and hopes of Making $10,000 to $20,000 on Top of My investment which can be as Low as $3000.

Money is Wired to their Bank in Panama where their Office building is and you are Told you will Receive all the information about what you have purchased, in Email. Means that you will receive a Package that indicates receipt of the Money wired to them, and the information about the Options or any other financial Package that you might have invested in with IQH.

Keep in mind with My negative memory of Stock market in which I have Losses, it made it more difficult for me to fall in trusted hands again, but they are good. These guys are Trained to talk you out of your safe shell, The important part their preach is that they will not get paid unless you make money,Their income is only %10 of your Total profit. which sounds to be a very fair Deal If only TRUE.

After the Payment gone Through by bank wire, My Broker Gerry, kept Calling with good or bad news about GOLD and its ups and downs. but they all stopped, and when after a few days I called in asking for him, they said he is taking a few days off due to illness. Then the toll free number I had from him became non working and it became actually to be a FAX number.

I had no other way to contact them through their Email forum on the website and now it has been more that 10 Emails attempts for which I have all copies present.

This matter is going to be a legal Case again this fraudulent company, and please Do not Fall for their promises.

it is not that you can or cannot make money with Gold Market, there of course are ways to make money but with trusted people who know what they’re doing and make money by making you money, in Fact this was their slogan that they won’t make a penny unless I do, but that is when you see your money alive after you paid them.

Let me summarise it for you here.

IQH International, or IQ Holdings put so much effort and expertise to make me comfortable with them and thinking they can make money for me or at least my money will be safe with them, and in these hard times, I wish the worst for these Fraudulent organizations which takes the last of your savings and make you miss the old fashion house or car theft.

Any way this is my story and I notified IQH on their voice messaging system, and Email system, also warned them that I will take a legal action even though them being centred in Panama, Panama might make it more difficult, but its just a plane ticket and a Larger Lawsuit.

If any one called you on behalf of IQH investment, telling you you can make money by investing some, let me tell you something: you won’t be able to reach them in order to ask for your initial investment after they played you.

This Story is based on 1 of the 3 Different Cases that ended up in %100 Losses and IQH disappearing to thin Air.

Good Luck